ZINGI BEAR Organic Ginger Switchel 330ml

ZINGI BEAR Organic Ginger Switchel 330ml

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Switch-el? Refreshing and rejuvenating apple cider vinegar & ginger elixirs once drunk by thirsty farmers whilst cutting hay all day in the searing sun, then after hours when the moon-shone as a mixer for spirits.

ZINGI BEAR is a sparkling, crisp, delicious thirst-quencher. An adventurous non-alcoholic treat on its own accord or a mighty addition to spirits.


Made in the UK, using only the best ORGANIC ingredients:

Organic pressed ginger root, Organic acacia honey, Organic apple cider vinegar, Organic Sicilian lemon juice, Organic acerola cherry (vitamin-c), Touch of sea salt

NO preservatives (not even widely used ascorbic / citric acid) / colours / flavours.

Completely natural & gluten free.

No plastic. Label is made from FSC paper & our glass is made in the UK.