St Ewe Rich Yolk Free-Range Eggs x6

St Ewe Rich Yolk Free-Range Eggs x6

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Every single St Ewe egg comes from free range hens that have plenty of space to roam in the clean, fresh countryside air!

St Ewe have been keeping free range hens for more than three decades and, over that time, farmer Richard Tonks has meticulously observed and recorded the effect of what a hen eats on the quality of her eggs. Working with their dedicated feed supplier, Humphreys Feeds, they have combined all this valuable information with the latest scientific thinking to create unique feed rations that have helped their eggs gain an incredibly tasty reputation.

It is from this understanding and learning that St Ewe have been able to diversify their feed, to produce Speciality eggs like these Rich Yolk.

2-star Great Taste award 2019