Paxton & Whitfield Comte Androuet 250g

Paxton & Whitfield Comte Androuet 250g

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A superior example of a Comte made to a traditional method, giving a complex and fruity cheese with a supple texture.

Comte is made in the Jura Mountains on the French side of the Swiss / French border. It is from the Gruyere family and is fairly similar to Gruyere itself, although lighter in character with more complexity and finesse. It is made using the raw milk from Montbeliarde and French Simmentale cows which are fed exclusively on grass and hay, with fermented fodder being banned.

Paxton & Whitfield Comte comes from the cheeses set aside by the Fromagerie Androuet from world-renowned Affineur Marcel Petite whose family have been maturing Comte for five generations.

Country: France
Region: Franche Comte
Flavour: Fruity and complex
Milk: Cow
Pasteurisation: Unpasteurised
Vegetarian Rennet: No

Paxton & Whitfield have been Britain's leading cheesemonger for over 200 years, sourcing and maturing exceptional cheeses. Our cheeses come from the maturing rooms underneath their flagship store on Jermyn Street, London.