Paxton & Whitfield Cave Aged Cheddar 250g

Paxton & Whitfield Cave Aged Cheddar 250g

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Paxton & Whitfield's very own cheddar, cloth bound and matured in natural caves in Somerset to give a distinctive fruity and nutty bite.

Between the Dorset Downs and the West Dorset Heritage Coast in the Bride Valley, Paxton & Whitfield's Cave Aged Cheddar is handmade to a traditional recipe using milk from local herds to give a fruity flavour and smooth texture. It is then taken and matured in the historic Wookey Hole Caves of Wells, Somerset for up to three months, where the flavour picks up a distinctive complexity from the unique environment. 

Paxton's Cave Aged Cheddar is distinctively fruity and has a nutty bite. It has underlying earthy notes absorbed from its maturation period in the caves at Wookey Hole, and a very dense consistency that is satisfying in the mouth.

Country: England
Region: West Country
Flavour: Strong and fruity
Milk: Cow
Pasteurisation: Pasteurised
Vegetarian Rennet: Yes

Paxton & Whitfield have been Britain's leading cheesemonger for over 200 years, sourcing and maturing exceptional cheeses. Our cheeses come from the maturing rooms underneath their flagship store on Jermyn Street, London.