Nutcessity Date & Walnut Organic Nut Butter 180g

Nutcessity Date & Walnut Organic Nut Butter 180g

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Nutcessity makes organic, unconventional nut butters. All Nutcessity’s products are vegan, plastic-free certified and made with no added sugar or palm oil.

Nutcessity Date & Walnut Butter is a slightly sweet, slightly salted alternate to peanut butter – without the peanuts! Walnuts are a great addition to the diet, seeing as they’re high in heart-healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids. These stone-ground nut spreads have a smooth, but slightly coarse texture which we’d describe as being on the smoother end of ‘crunchy’ and ‘smooth’.

1-star Great Taste award 2019

Organic Ingredients: WALNUTS (43%), sunflower seed, coconut, date (10%) & pink Himalayan salt* (* = approved non-organic ingredient)