Made for Drink Mangalitza Salami Chips 23g

Made for Drink Mangalitza Salami Chips 23g

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Award-winning Mangalitza Salami Chips. Made in Berkshire.

Rounds of traditional Hungarian salami gently roasted until crisp, crunchy & intensely delicious. Made for a pilsner-style lager or something equally refreshing.

Mangalitza is a breed of pig famed for the flavour of its fat and traditionally used in the salamis of Hungary. This traditional salami is from a family-owned business that has been producing salami in Hungary for over 150 years - and is still making them to its original recipes.

Traditional salamis are made from Mangalitza pork, Hungarian paprika, salt, garlic, ground caraway seeds and smoked over Beech Wood. All of which builds into an intense, smoky, sweet, salty, beautiful thing with amazing texture and a touch of acidity (from the beech wood).

Mangalitza is a pig breed famous for both its striking, woolly coat and for the delicious flavour of its fat: porky, sweet, rich and abundant. A national treasure (by Act of Parliament in 2004), the breed has been an important part of Hungary’s agricultural traditions and cuisine for almost 1000 years.

The Mangalitza Pork used in the salami chips is accredited by the Hungarian Breeders Association, which sets out strict rules for its keeping, breeding and welfare conditions.

Ingredients: Mangalitza Pork, Salt, Paprika, Ground Caraway Seeds, Garlic, Dextrose. Colour: Paprika Extract. Preservative: Sodium Nitrite & Smoked over Beech wood