Made for Drink Duck Fritons 32g

Made for Drink Duck Fritons 32g

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Based on a rural Gascon delicacy, Fritons de Canard. The duck for these Fritons is sourced from Creedy Carver, a free-range British family duck farm in Crediton, South Devon. One of the very few free-range duck farms in the UK, the ducks are given quality space to roam and swim freely. The duck is all the more tasty as a result and Creedy Carver supply many of the Michelin-starred restaurants and top-end butchers throughout the UK.

The skin is simply cured with Dorset Sea Salt, rendered & confited to build up their intense, savoury flavour and bring them up to a high temperature to give them their tasty crunch.

Ingredients: Free Range British Duck Skin & Natural Sea Salt.