Made for Drink Chorizo Thins 23g

Made for Drink Chorizo Thins 23g

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Inspired by a love for Tapas. Chorizo Thins are slices of Authentic Spanish Chorizo gently roasted until crisp, crunchy and intensely delicious. A perfect tapas style snack to accompany a glass of Rioja or something as equally complex, fruity and mineral.

This chorizo is sourced from a small family producer who belongs to the Consorcio del Chorizo Espanol, founded to protect the quality & origins of authentic Spanish chorizo. They have been making chorizo as a family since the 1950s.

The chorizo is particular to the region of Lugo, in Galicia, and is made up of five natural ingredients: Duroc pork shoulder, Duroc pork belly, salt, Paprika de la Vera and garlic. The chorizo is hung and cured for thirty days, gently smoked over Holm Oak.

The quality and flavour of our chorizo come from two of the most important ingredients:

Duroc pork: A rare breed of pig that is traditionally farmed in Spain for quality hams and chorizo. It produces a delicate flavoured pork, laced with rich, buttery fat.

Hot Paprika de la Vera: The distinctive flavour of authentic Spanish chorizo comes from the very special Paprika that is produced in the fertile alluvial soils around the Tietar River in La Vera.

No artificial anythings are used in the production of our Authentic Spanish Chorizo

Ingredients: Duroc Pork Shoulder, Duroc Pork Belly, Garlic, Paprika de la Vera, Salt. Smoked over Holme Oak.