Darkwoods Lamplight Decaf Coffee Beans 250g

Darkwoods Lamplight Decaf Coffee Beans 250g

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DON'T HAVE A GRINDER? DON'T PANIC! Let us know and we will grind your beans using our high quality Mahlkonig EK43 Grinder.

Darkwoods Lamplight Decaf is gently decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method. This process not only removes the caffeine without resorting to harsh chemicals but also imparts a breaded sweetness that resembles rich fruit cake. Delicious brewed in every method Lamplight is coffee without caffeine or compromise.

Coffee details:

Farm: Las Capucas, Copan, Honduras
Process: washed
Producers of the COCAFCAL co-op (“Capucas”)
Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated

Flavours of sweet fruit cake