Capreolus Uphall Farmhouse Air-Dried Ham 80g

Capreolus Uphall Farmhouse Air-Dried Ham 80g

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Capreolus try to keep the rare-breed pigs to make their hams. One of their favourites are the woodland-reared Oxford Sandy & Black pigs, whose diet is supplemented with milk whey (just like the pigs used to produce traditional Parma ham), bred by Sam Holloway in Halstock.

The legs are cured with pepper and fennel and are then air-dried for many months in their maturing room. This long process makes the meat meltingly tender and the fat becomes silky smooth and full of flavour.

Try serving this ready to eat meat with fresh figs and a chilled Beaujolais or a fine rosé wine

Ingredients: Pork leg, salt, black pepper, white pepper, fennel seeds, bay leaves. Preservatives: Sodium nitrite, Sodium ascorbate 165g pork used per 100g product