Bermondsey Street Bees Hand & Body Wash - 200ml

Bermondsey Street Bees Hand & Body Wash - 200ml

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Hand & Bodywash: Honey, Rose Damascene & Petigrain.

If your poor hands are chapped and sore from all that happy birthday x 2 washing, replace your harsh chemical soap with this gentle beauty.

Hand made in small batches using the ends of raw honey production. Gently cleansing & moisturising with all-natural ingredients.

100% natural, with no SLS or parabens. Just the mildest of soaps with a naturally anti-microbial formulation of raw English honey and pure essential oils. These same oils give a fresh and elevating fragrance, like a traditional eau de cologne, so both men and women love it.

Packaged in 200ml recycled brown glass bottles with clear pump dispenser