Capreolus Pancetta 100g
Capreolus Pancetta 100g

Capreolus Pancetta 100g

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Pancetta made from pork bellies from free range West Country pigs.

Capreolus select pieces with a good fat to meat ratio and then cure them with garlic, black pepper, thyme, juniper, bay, and mace. The cured meat is then fermented (which makes the fat render quickly - perfect for cooking) and then air-dried.

Ingredients: Pork belly, salt, garlic, muscovado sugar, black pepper, juniper berries, bay leaves, mace Preservatives: Sodium nitrite, Sodium ascorbate

130g pork used per 100g product

Capreolus are a multi-award winning, family owned English artisan charcuterie producer in Rampisham, West Dorset. Quality and provenance are of the utmost importance and they source locally bred and reared free range meat from traditional and rare breeds wherever possible and seasonal wild meats from the West Country.